No More Fakes Please

I love dating escorts in London when I visit London, and I think that they are the hottest escorts in the world, but there is one thing which is beginning to put me off London escorts. Like so many other escorts back home, I have noticed that a lot of the girls here in London are having implants and their asses done. It does not look nice at all. Yes, I know that a lot of American escorts have had major enhancement surgery, but that is one of the reasons that I do not enjoy dating them. I would so much rather date real woman, and not fakes as I like to call them.

Lots of the girls here at London escorts seem to think that gents do not notice implants and stuff. Believe me, we notice implants. Many of the girls that I date at VIP London escorts services started to have little things done. They had some facial work, and perhaps a bit of botox. But, it was soon after that the big stuff started. First of all, lots of the girls started to have their boobs done. You dated a girl, and when you came back a couple of weeks later she had huge boobs.

I am in and out of London a lot, so I do notice these things. To be honest, I have stopped dating a lot of the escorts in London who have had all of this work done. It really puts me off, and I have sent emails to the London escorts services to complain. They say that it is up to the individual girls to decide what kind of work they have done. I am sure it is but at the same time I am certain that they are not doing themselves any favors.

In the US, every other person has had plastic surgery. I was walking around a mall the other day, and I could tell that lots of the women had been under the knife. It really put me off, and I hate the way they look. The thing is, London escorts are beginning to go the same way, and some of the girls are begging to look like a parody of themselves. I know that some of the best escorts in London also work as models, so perhaps this is another reason they are going down the plastic surgery route.

I wish that women would just stay natural. There is a lot of pressure on women to look amazing all of the time these days, but I do not think that it is on. Women are being a bit silly , and at the end of the day, it is just about big business. Most escorts in London are pretty and sexy enough without all of the plastic surgery. After all, the gents that they date are not perfect, so why should they. I love a woman with natural boobs and a natural ass. Like I say to the girls at London escorts, it should wobble a bit – that is what turns a man on.

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