Having The Wildest Sex

Sex is always good when it is taken to the next level. But most couples break up because they get used to each other and have sex in the same old position. When you go to marriage counselors, the best they can do is to advice you on good communication skills. But what I would advise you is to turn your sex around and make it wild like never before. Here is what I mean.

When you get home, make sure no one else is around apart from your lover. Since this is going to be war and you shouldn’t let the ‘stray bullets’ to hit innocent civilians. Set the room right- by this I mean avoiding all those romantic bullshit like a bed of roses and soft romantic music. This shouldn’t be anything rosy. Get whips, handcuffs, sex toys, blind folds and hard rock music.

You must also dress for the occasion even though you will eventually get naked. Dressing sets the mood right and makes you anticipate a wild sex. She can dress is a leather cop uniform but make sure she puts on a micro leather mini dress that shows her pussy and ass all the way and the man can try leather boxers or anything revealing.

Turn up the volume and go at each other like hell just broke loose. Kiss like you are fighting for your break and suck that tongue like you mean it. Bite it but not so hard and grab those nipples so hard. This is war.

You don’t have to undress her seductively, if possible, strip her naked and throw away those clothes. Don’t mind if you break some things in the room. Let her suck your cock and push it deep into her through till she pukes. Get down to her pussy and lick it. Suck the clit and if she mourns, suck it even harder.

When you stick your dick into her pussy, this should never be slow and sensual. The tempo has to be high. Tap that ass and hit is like it’s the last time. She can blind fold you and handcuff you on the bed. Then if she is on top, she should ride it like a pro. Flogging is also allowed so don’t mind the pain.

In case she gets dry, get nasty with her pussy, puke on it, shit if you can and make it look ready and willing to accommodate you dick again. Anal sex is also preferred for hardcore sex. So make sure you explore any opening in her body.

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